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This seashore hike starts by some boathouses at Straumøya, just across the fjord from Bodø city. From here you hike along the shore until you reach a nice little beach in a bay called Storteinsvika. This is an easy 3 kilometres long hike that takes around 45 minutes from the start point to the beach. Perfect hike to take on sunny summer or autumn days. Here you hike along the fjord Saltenfjorden with a nice view towards the city of Bodø and the island Landegode behind it. The landscape here is mostly flat and goes on vegetation, rocks and sand

Storteinsvika Beach on Straumøya in BodøSeashore hiking on Straumøya

Seashore hiking on StraumøyaMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Start point for the seashore hike on Straumøya

Seashore hiking on StraumøyaYou can park and start the seashore hike on Straumøya by these boathouses. Just make sure you don’t block access to them

Seashore hiking on Straumøya

Seashore hiking on Straumøya

Seashore hiking on Straumøya
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