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This hike starts on the road up towards Mjelle, from here you walk down the path in the forest until you reach the seashore. Follow the shore and you will first reach a beach called Auvika, keep walking and eventually you end up at a cliff by Hovdsundet with a nice view towards the beach and Landegode Island. This hike is around 3 kilometres long from the start point to the cliff, wich takes around 1 hour. You might have to climb and jump here and there along the way, but this can mostly be avoided by going further up away from the shore. The hike ends up at around 3.95 km and 1 hour and 15 minutes if you go all the way down to the beach. Nice scenery all the way here

Hovdsundet Beach in BodøHovdsundet Beach in Bodø

Hovdsundet Beach in BodøMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Start point for the hike to Hovdsundet Beach

Hovdsundet Beach in BodøThe seashore hike to Hovdsundet Beach in Bodø starts at this parking lot. This is located a bit up the the road leading to Mjelle

Hovdsundet Beach in Bodø

Hovdsundet Beach in Bodø