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This hike starts at the end of the road Vatnveien and goes to the top of Mjønesfjellet Mountain in Bodø. From the parking lot you follow the road up a short while and take the dirt road on the right, then just after another right turn into the forest path. Continue along the path until you get out of the forest and reach a waterfall. Above the waterfall you can cross the river and continue along the rocky landscape towards Mjønesfjellet mountain. There are no paths or markings from this point, so you might want to download and use the GPX map to get the direction somewhat correct. There are some steep climbs here and there, so just go whereever you see it most fit. The distance of this hike is 5.58 km from the parking lot to the top, wich takes about 2 hours with a couple of short breaks along the way

Mjønesfjellet Mountain in BodøMountain hike to Mjønesfjellet

Mountain hike to MjønesfjelletMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Start point for the mountain hike to Mjønesfjellet

Mountain hike to MjønesfjelletThe hike to Mjønesfjellet Mountain starts at this parking lot. From here you follow the road up and take the first path to the right

Mountain hike to Mjønesfjellet

Mountain hike to Mjønesfjellet