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This hike starts at the big parking lot on Kvikstadheia just after the climb from Hogndalen in the direction Misvær. From the parking lot you follow a path up the mountain side through the forest until it flattens out in open rocky landscape. From here you leave the path and go across the mountain until you see the fjord on the other side. First stop is a small cairn on the edge of a cliff with a great view down to Misværfjorden. From here you continue along the mountain towards the highest point, here you will find a big cairn called Storvarden, this is the endpoint of this quite long hike, resulting in a distance of around 7 kilometres. This hike took 3 hours with several breaks along the way due to abnormal high heat. There are no paths or markers along the way to Storvarden, but it is quite easy to get there, just aim at the highest point and go where the terrain is most suitable. You can also download and use the GPX file so you can keep track of the direction and how far you are from the endpoint. If you want to make this hike shorter you can stop at the first small cairn by the cliff, the distance will then be more or less 2 kilometres. The hiking video stops at that point as it might be the hardest spot to find on this hike

Storvarden on Sandfjellet MountainHiking to Storvarden on Sandfjellet

Hiking to Storvarden on SandfjelletMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Start point for the hike on Sandfjellet Mountain

Hiking to Storvarden on SandfjelletThis is what the parking lot at the top of Kvikstadheia looks like. From here you follow the small path into the forest by the sign

Hiking to Storvarden on Sandfjellet

Hiking to Storvarden on Sandfjellet