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This quite long hike starts at a parking lot on the road Sisoveien above Straumvatnet lake in Sørfold municipality and ends up at the top of Durmålstinden Mountain. The first part of this hike follows the dirt road up the mountainside until it flattens out, here you will find a small path on the right side that leads up the ridge towards the mountain, wich is part two of the hike. Take this path and just go towards the top, the path will dissapear after a while but you won’t need it anyways. Keep going towards the highest point where the terrain suits you best and you will end up at the top sooner or later. You will get the best view by going a bit beyond the highest point and down to the end of the ridge. Here you will get a good view of Straumvatnet lake and surrounding mountains. The distance from the parking lot to the endpoint is around 7.70 km wich takes around 3 hours, give or take some depending on your shape and how many breaks you take. The first 5 kilometres follows the dirt road while the remaining 2.7 km is in open terrain. The highest point is 1142 metres above sea level

Durmålstinden Mountain in NorwayDurmålstinden mountain in Sørfold

Durmålstinden mountain in SørfoldMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Start point for the mountain hike to Durmålstinden

Durmålstinden mountain in SørfoldYou can park and start the hike up to Durmålstinden Mountain at this location, or somewhere else by the side of the road here

Durmålstinden mountain in Sørfold

Durmålstinden mountain in Sørfold