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This hike starts at the parking lot by the tunnel on Beiarfjellet mountain and goes to a lake called Indre Lurfjellvatnet. The route passes several other lakes and rivers along the way to the endpoint. From the parking lot you cross the road and follow a dirt road and a path for a little while until you are on your own. You might want to download and use the GPX map to keep track of where the endpoint and the parking lot is located. While hiking to the lake you can just aim for the big mountain that is Indre Lurfjellet and go where the terrain suits you best, on the way back there are no aim points so here the gpx map or any other gps navigation set to the parking lot will come in handy. This hike is around 10 km from the start point to the endpoint, wich takes about 3 hours with calm hiking speed and some breaks

Indre Lurfjellvatnet Lake in BeiarnIndre Lurfjellvatnet on Beiarfjellet

Indre Lurfjellvatnet on BeiarfjelletMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Start point for the hike to Indre Lurfjellvatnet

Indre Lurfjellvatnet on BeiarfjelletThe hike to Indre Lurfjellvatnet lake on Beiarfjellet mountain starts at this big parking lot just below the tunnel at Grønlihågen

Indre Lurfjellvatnet on Beiarfjellet

Indre Lurfjellvatnet on Beiarfjellet