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This hike starts at Valnesfjord Helsesportsenter and ends up at Hømmervatnet Lake. This is a nice hike that follows a road along the river Lakselv until you cross a bridge and follow a path to the endpoint. This hiking trail have steps up the few steep areas as well as plank bridges over the wet areas. The trip mainly goes in nice open landscape with a distance of about 4 kilometres from the start point to my endpoint. There is also an alternative endpoint at the other side of the lake, to get there you just follow the path on the left side when reaching the lake. This hike takes around 1 hour with calm hiking speed without any breaks. Note: If it have rained much and the area is wet you can turn right and downwards about halfways on the path and follow a plank bridge there, that way also ends up at the lake

Hømmervatnet Lake in ValnesfjordHømmervatnet Lake in Valnesfjord

Hømmervatnet Lake in ValnesfjordMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Start point for the hike to Hømmervatnet Lake

Hømmervatnet Lake in ValnesfjordThe start point for the hike to Hømmervatnet lake starts at this big parking lot, located just below Valnesfjord Helsesportsenter

Hømmervatnet Lake in Valnesfjord

Hømmervatnet Lake in Valnesfjord

Hømmervatnet Lake in Valnesfjord
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