This is a short little stroll that goes to Tverlandet Nature Reserve wich is located a bit outside Bodø City. To get here you take the old road towards Saltstraumen from Tverlandet, shortly after you have passed Ilstad you take a dirt road down the forest and park there. Walk through the forest and down to the sea. There is no special endpoint here, so just explore the beautiful nature area on your own by following the seashore. This trip is best to take when the tide is low as much of the area gets covered by water when the tide is high

Tverlandet Nature Reserve in Bodø

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Parking lot by Tverlandet Nature Reserve

This is where the trip to Tverlandet Nature Reserve in Bodø starts. From here you walk through the forest and down to the sea

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Hike route to Tverlandet nature reserve in Bodø: 67.273697, 14.715218