This trip follows the river Junkerdalselva along the amazing Junkerdal Canyon in Saltdal municipality. The start point is the parking lot at Saltdal Tourist Center before the intersection towards the Swedish border. The hiking trail starts just below the parking lot and goes through the forest along the river for around 3.24 kilometres, wich takes about 45 minutes with a calm hiking speed. The hike endpoint is by a mudslide that have washed the trail into the river. This is an amazing hike that you definitely should check out if you are in the area

Junkerdal Canyon in Saltdal

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Start point for the hike in Junkerdal Canyon

The path that follows Junkerdal river along the canyon starts right next to Saltdal Tourist Center. There are signs where it starts

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Riverside hiking in Junkerdal Canyon: 66.818285, 15.433262