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This hike goes to the amazing Fykan stairway in Meløy municipality, with Rallarbrakka on the top as the endpoint. To get to the start point you have to drive the road along Fykanvatnet lake wich is located between the two tunnels Fykantunnelen and Svartistunnelen. When you approach the tunnel on this road you turn left and continue to the largest parking lot. The hiking trail starts at the end of the parking lot, right next to a building. Before you reach the stairs you have to cross a bridge then follow a path in the forest. The stairs consists of 1129 steps going 300 metres up the mountainside in beautiful surroundings. Once you have reached the top you will find Rallarbrakka about 200 metres away. Rallarbrakka is open during the summer between around 23. June to 25. August. Here you can buy hot and cold drinks, cake, waffles and other local foods as well as getting some stories about the Rallars served from the nice employees that works here. Estimated driving time from Bodø city is 2 hours and 14 minutes. Driving through the nature in Gildeskål and Meløy is a nice trip in itself

Fykan stairway in Northern NorwayFykan stairway and Rallarbrakka

Fykan stairway and RallarbrakkaMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Start point for the stairway hike to Rallarbrakka

Fykan stairway and RallarbrakkaThe hike up the Fykan stairway to Rallarbrakka in Meløy starts at this big parking lot. The trail starts by the building at the end

Fykan stairway and Rallarbrakka

Fykan stairway and Rallarbrakka