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This forest hike starts at the end of Vatnveien road and goes to some small lakes below Mjønesskaret in Bodø. From the parking lot you follow the road behind the barrier a bit until you come to a dirt road on the right side, take off there and right again just after and follow the forest path. Keep hiking along the path until you come to a waterfall, the trail ends here so now you are free to go where you want. You can either follow the river along until it gets to steep to continue, or aim for the highest point a bit on the left and go straight to the small lakes below Mjønesskaret. During the hike in the forest you will eventually come to a river called Allmeningselva, here there are many nice spots to check out before proceeding. Once you get to the area by the waterfall where the path ends, the landscape is more open. The endpoint is located between the mountains Blombakkfjellet and Mjønesfjellet, here there are many nice small lakes surrounded by beautiful mountain nature. The distance from the parking lot to the endpoint is around 3.20 kilometres wich takes about 50 minutes with calm speed. If you want to make this hike longer, you can continue beyond the lakes and go up the rocky landscape to Mjønesskaret

Small lakes below MjønesskaretSmall lakes below Mjønesskaret

Small lakes below MjønesskaretMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Start point for the hike below Mjønesskaret

Small lakes below MjønesskaretThe hike to Mjønesfjellet mountain starts at this parking lot. From here you follow the road up and take the first path to the right

Small lakes below Mjønesskaret

Small lakes below Mjønesskaret