This bike trip follows the old road towards Misvær along the seashore of Misværfjorden. The start point of this trip is the big parking lot at the intersection where you turn off towards Skjerstad. From here you bike across the bridge and take a right turn and follow the road past some houses and cabins, eventually you come to the old road beneath the mountains that is no longer in use. This road is hammered by rock slides over the years, so you bike here at your own risk. The endpoint of this trip is at the end of the mountain, but you can continue further towards Misvær on the other side, here the road returns to normal. The distance from the startpoint to the endpoint is around 6.51 kilometres wich takes around 30 minutes with a calm biking speed. Here you get great Northern Norwegian nature all the way on this trip

The old road towards Misvær

Memorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Start point for the bike trip

This is what the start point for the trip looks like. From here you bike the road on the left then turn right after crossing the bridge

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Biking the old road towards Misvær: 67.187974, 14.944969