There are lots of gorgeous beaches around Bodø and the rest of the Salten district to check out on a nice summer day. Here are some guides to get your arctic beach trips started
Here you can find some remote locations to go biking in beautiful Northern Norwegian nature. Bodø and the rest of the Salten district is packed with great places to go biking
Norway is stacked up with wonderful forest to go hiking in during the hiking seasons. This section contains some forest hikes around Bodø city and the rest of the Salten district
Northern Norway have a lot of big and small lakes to hike to. Here you can see many beautiful hikes that ends up at various lakes here and there around Bodø and Salten
There are countless of beautiful places to go kayaking in Northern Norway, here you have some guides to lakes and places on the sea to take a kayak trip to in Bodø and Salten
This section is for those who like to go long and high. Bodø and the rest of Salten is surrounded by majestic mountains to go hiking on. These hiking guides will get you started
This category contains the hikes and trips that does not quite fit in the other categories on the site. Check out these guides for other Northern Norwegian adventures in beautiful nature
Bodø and most of the Salten district lies by the sea, making it perfect to go hiking along the seashore. These hiking guides contains some nice places to go exploring by the sea
Here you can find some nice places to stretch your legs in nice scenery if you don't want to walk so far. These small hiking locations are scattered around Bodø and Salten
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