Nature sounds

Nature sounds with 4K UHD landscape videos from Northern Norway. Relaxing sounds of birds chirping, rivers flowing, ocean waves crashing, wind blowing, and more
Saltstraumen tidal current

Sound recording of Saltstraumen

Saltstraumen tidal current in Norway seen from above, with sound. This recording was done at 5 in the morning while the current was going out

Relaxing ocean sounds

Relaxing sounds from the shore

Relaxing ocean ambience with waves splashing gently against the shore, crackling sounds from the smoking fire, seagulls, and distant boats

Ferry sounds from a ferry arriving and departing

Ferry sounds with waves splashing

Ferry sounds with a little touch of ocean waves splashing gently against the shore. This is the sound of the ferry from the ferry to Kjerringøy

Bubbling river flowing in the spring forest

Bubbling river in the forest

Relaxing bubbling water nature sound from a shallow river flowing down the rocky forest landscape on a gray day early in the spring

Calm river with birds chirping

Calm river with birds singing

Sound of a calm river with birds singing in the spring forest on a gray day. Relax your body and mind with the sound of a river and birds singing

Sound of a waterfall in a snowy canyon

Waterfall in a dark snowy canyon

Field recording of a waterfall flowing down a canyon in the shadows on an otherwise nice and sunny spring day in the northern parts of Norway

White noise from waterfalls in the spring forest

White noise from a waterfall

Sharp constant white noise from a waterfall in the brown spring forest on a grey cloudy day, with a subtle bubbling from the stream

Windy spring day by the shore

Windy spring day by the shore

Sound of wind blowing while waves splash against the rocks by the shore, filmed on a windy spring day. Great sounds for relaxation

Sound of water flowing

River sounds from the forest

Relaxing nature sounds from a river flowing in the green forest, with a bit of bubbling water coming from the river as it’s taking a u-turn

Birds singing and wind blowing

Birds singing and wind blowing

Relaxing nature sounds from the forest, with birds singing and wind blowing and rustling the leaves on the trees on a summer evening

River and bird sounds

Nature sounds from the forest

Nature sounds from the green summer forest, with birds singing and a river flowing gently. Makes a nice 4K summer screensaver too

Ducks quacking on a river

Ducks quacking on a river

Sound of ducks quacking, flapping wings and splashing on a river in the green forest on sunny day. Cool as a duck screensaver too

Valnesfossen waterfall in Bodø

Valnesfossen waterfall in Bodø

This is a nice little hike that follows the river through the forest up to Valnesfossen waterfall in Bodø municipality. Distance is 1.63 km each way

Forest hike at Skaug in Bodø

Forsan at Skaug and beyond

This hike starts just outside Skaug and follows a trail in the forest until you reach small waterfall at Forsan, stop here or continue further

Mountain hike along Blåfjell in Bodø

Hiking along Blåfjell in Bodø

This hike starts at the big parking lot on top of Kvikstadheia in Bodø municipality. From here you cross the road and follow the path up to Blåfjell

Straumøya in Bodø

Seashore hiking on Straumøya

This seashore hike starts by some boathouses at Straumøya, just across the fjord from Bodø city, and goes to a nice beach 3 kilometers away