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This kayak trip goes to Straumvatnet Lake wich is located in Sørfold municipality. From Straumen you follow the road along the lake until you come to the power station, continue a bit further and you come to a parking place right next to the lake. From here you can start the kayak trip around the lake, wich takes around 3 hours with a calm speed and some breaks on the shore along the way to stretch the back. The total distance on this trip ends up at about 12 km. Here you kayak along a beautiful forest landscape with a rocky shore along the way

Straumvatnet Lake in Sørfold municipalityKayaking around Straumvatnet Lake

Kayaking around Straumvatnet LakeMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Parking lot above Straumvatnet Lake

Kayaking around Straumvatnet LakeYou can park at the inner side of Straumvatnet lake in Sørfold and start the trip from here, just after passing the power plant

Kayaking around Straumvatnet Lake

Start point for the kayak trip on Straumvatnet

Kayaking around Straumvatnet LakeYou can start and end the kayak trip around Straumvatnet lake for example here, just below the parking lot on the picture above

Kayaking around Straumvatnet Lake