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This kayak trip goes around the upper parts of Vatnvatnet Lake in Bodø municipality. From the kayak start point you follow the shore down to a strait where the lower parts of the lake starts, cross the strait and return back to start on the opposite side. You can obviously also just continue down the lower parts as far as you want to go. The distance on this trip is around 6.5 kilometres, wich takes 1.5 hours with calm speed and a couple of shorts breaks on land. Here you get beautiful Norwegian forest and mountain nature along the way

Vatnvatnet Lake in BodøKayak trip to Vatnvatnet in Bodø

Kayak trip to Vatnvatnet in BodøMemorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Parking lot by Vatnvatnet Lake in Bodø

Kayak trip to Vatnvatnet in BodøYou can drive past 2 big stones on a drit road and park down by the lake, or on the larger parking lot right next to this place

Kayak trip to Vatnvatnet in Bodø

Start point for the trip around Vatnvatnet

Kayak trip to Vatnvatnet in BodøThis is where the kayak trip around Vatnvatnet in Bodø starts. Short way from any of the parking lots you choose to park at

Kayak trip to Vatnvatnet in Bodø