This kayak trip goes to beautiful Nordfjord in Sørfold municipality. The parking area and start point is located a bit up the river, from here you kayak up as far as possible, before returning down and into the fjord. The return point is below the bridge crossing the fjord, where there is also an old Nazi tunnel you can check out if you feel for a little climb. This is as far north as the Germans got to build their railroad before the war ended. The sea and the river combines pretty far up so the water level in the river depends on the tide, the lower the tide the more current you will get on the way back up to the start point. The distance of this kayak trip ended up at around 11 kilometres, wich took 4 hours with calm speed a couple of breaks along the way to stretch the back, having a picnic by the river and exploring the tunnel

Nordfjordelva River in Sørfold

Memorize the marker and fill it in again manually if needed when you create the driving route on your phone using Google Maps

Parking lot at Nordfjordelva River in Sørfold

This is what the parking lot by Nordfjordelva river looks like. From here it’s a short way to carry the kayak down to the river

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Kayak trip to Nordfjord in Sørfold: 67.430948, 15.701670

Start point for the kayak trip in Nordfjord

This is what the river bank just down of the parking area looks like. From here you start your kayak trip up or down the river