How To Make GPX Tracks

This guide shows you step by step how to easily make your own GPX tracks to be used for navigation while hiking. If you have found some area that you would like to go hiking in, but never have been there before, making a GPX track from the starting point with the hiking path along the way to the endpoint will keep you on route, and prevent you from getting lost. This is very useful if you want to go hiking where there are no trails or any other hiking markers along the way. In the example maps below i have made a route to a small lake on a big flat mountain and set the track to pass some smaller ponds along the way, this route would be hard to follow without some extra help, since i haven’t been there before and don’t know where to walk. By making this GPX track and importing it to my phone, i can now allways see my current position and where the track i’m supposed to follow is, with the help of GPS. In this guide im using as it is very easy to use and don’t require an account to make or download tracks. There are plenty of other GPX makers out there wich you can find by Googling terms like gpx editor, make gps map maker and so on. I also have another guide about how to use gpx tracks on your phone

1: Start by opening up the easy to use GPX maker over at, or any other similar gps map makers like this one
How To Make A GPX Track


2: First of all click on “Create a new track” in the left menu, then right click anywhere and choose “Draw new” then choose “Route”


3: Left click where you want the route to start, then simply keep left clicking to set waypoints until you have reached the endpoint


4: Once you are done drawing your new hiking route, click the “Save all as GPX file”, the track will be downloaded and is ready to use
How To Make A GPX Track


5: Now your GPX track is downloaded and ready to be used on your phone. Check out this other guide: How to use GPX on your phone
How To Use GPX Maps