How To Make A Driving Route

This guide shows you how to make road routes to destinations without an address using Google Maps. Every hike and trip on this site have a Google Map with the parking place allready plotted in, however Google Maps don’t recognize parking places that are outside roads and remote roads as valid destinations when you try to make the route directly from this site using the “More options” menu on the maps. On those remote parking places Google Maps changes my destination to the nearest known attraction, wich becomes totally wrong. When this happens you must instead manually insert the destination in the Google Maps app by memorizing where it is, then reinsert it in the map. Keep reading this guide to see how this is done if you are unfamiliar with making road routes on your mobile phone

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1: When you manually have to insert the destination, memorizing where the parking place is comes first. Change to satellite and zoom in


2: Zoomed in using satellite mode we can now easily see where the parking place is. Now we gotta insert it into the Google Maps App


3: Be sure to activate GPS location on your phone before proceeding. This is what Google Maps looks like when you open the appHow To Make A Road Route


4: Now find the parking place again on the map and press the location for a couple of seconds, until the red pin appears on the map
How To Make A Road Route


5: Click the “Directions” button and you are taken to this screen, all good to go. Click “Start” and the app guides you to your destination
How To Make A Road Route


There are plenty of various GPS navigation apps on Google Play and App Store if you want an alternative to the Google Maps app
How to make GPS road routes on phones