Seashore Hiking

These routes follows the seashore
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Storteinsvika Beach on Straumøya
Location: Bodø
Views: 466

This seashore hike starts by some boathouses at Straumøya, just across the fjord from Bodø city. From here you hike along the shore until you reach a nice little beach in a bay called Storteinsvika. This is an easy 3 kilometres long hike that takes around 45 minutes from the start point to the beach. Perfect hike to take on sunny summer or autumn days. Here you hike along the fjord Saltenfjorden with a nice …

Elvefjorden in Northern Norway
Location: Bodø
Views: 269

This hike starts at the parking lot by the Åseli bridge in Bodø municipality, from here you cross the road and walk down to the sea. Keep following the shore as far as possible and you will end up at a place called Trollhola. This is a short but nice hike in beautiful nature that follows Elvefjorden, total distance from the parking lot to Trollhola is around 1.33 kilometres long, wich takes about 25 minutes …

Hovden outside Bodø City in Nordland

This hike starts by the parking lot at Mørkvedbukta outside Bodø city. From here you follow the dirt road down to the sea then follow the shore as far as possible. You will then end up at a beautiful area called Hovden. This hike is around 4.70 kilometres from the parking lot to the endpoint, wich takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes with regular hiking speed. Here you get a nice view towards the …

Hovdsundet outside Bodø City
Location: Bodø
Views: 572

This hike starts on the road up towards Mjelle, from here you walk down the path in the forest until you reach the seashore. Follow the shore and you will first reach a beach called Auvika, keep walking and eventually you end up at a cliff by Hovdsundet with a nice view towards the beach and Landegode Island. This hike is around 3 kilometres long from the start point to the cliff, wich takes around …

Store Sandvika in Bodø municipality

This hike starts between Tverlandet and Saltstraumen and follows the seashore until you reach a little bay called Store Sandvika. Drive the old road from Tverlandet towards Saltstraumen, then park at the side of the road a bit after you have passed Godøynes. This little hike is around 2.26 kilometres long and takes about 45 minutes with calm hiking speed. Here you mostly hike on rocky landscape with a nice view towards the sea and …