Forest Hikes

Places to go hiking in the forests
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Small lakes below Mjønesskaret
Location: Bodø
Views: 417

This forest hike starts at the end of Vatnveien road and goes to some small lakes below Mjønesskaret in Bodø. From the parking lot you follow the road behind the barrier a bit until you come to a dirt road on the right side, take off there and right again just after and follow the forest path. Keep hiking along the path until you come to a waterfall, the trail ends here so now you …

Sørfjorden in Sjunkhatten National Park

This hike starts at the parking lot at the highest point on the road Vatnveien outside Bodø city. From here you cross the road and follow the path, eventually you enter Sjunkhatten National Park with Sørfjorden as the endpoint of this hike. The distance from the parking lot to Sørfjorden ends up at around 4.65 kilometres wich takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Much of this hike goes through bog and dirt so it’s …

Storskogvatnet in Rago National Park
Location: Sørfold
Views: 488

This forest hike starts at the end of the road that follows Nordfjordelva in Sørfold. From the big parking lot you hike up the hill that starts at the end of the parking lot and keep following it. This trail takes you into the amazing Rago National Park with the lake Storskogvatnet as the endpoint. The path dissapears from time to time where there is rocky landscape, but you will have no problem finding it …

Knaplundsøya in Bodø municipality
Location: Bodø
Views: 281

This hike starts by the church at Saltstraumen and follows a road into the forest on Knaplundsøya. After a while you turn off on a smaller path that leads up to a pond, then further up on a ridge where you get a nice view in all directions. The distance from the start point to the endpoint is around 2.90 kilometres, wich takes about 40 minutes with a calm hiking speed. This is a great …

Forsan at Skaug in Bodø
Location: Bodø
Views: 261

This hike starts just outside Skaug and follows a hiking trail in the forest, until you reach a nice small waterfall at Forsan, from here the hike continues on rocky landscape along a ridge until you reach the highest point. The distance from the parking lot to the endpoint is around 3.22 kilometres, wich takes about 45 minutes with normal hiking speed and no breaks. You can also just end the hike by the waterfall …

Høgnakken on Straumøya in Bodø

This hike goes up to a small ridge called Høgnakken wich lies on Straumøya on the other side of the fjord from Bodø city. The distance from the parking lot to the endpoint is around 3.16 kilometres, wich takes about 50 minutes with a normal hiking speed. From Høgnakken you get a nice view of Bodø city with Landegode island behind it, as well as the mountain range of Børvasstindene on the other side Memorize …

Svartskogen Forest in Bodø

This is a quite long hike that starts at the parking lot by Maskinisten just outside Bodø city centre and goes in a circle through a forest called Svartskogen. The total distance on his forest hike is around 11.45 kilometres wich takes around 2 hours with normal hiking speed and a couple of small breaks. There are a couple of intersections here and there, so you might want to download and follow the gpx track …

Futelva River in Bodø

This forest hike follows Futelva river outside Bodø city as far as it goes, before heading up towards Soløyvatnet lake and back to the start point through the forest. Once you reach the road bridge at the end of the river, cross the road and take the dirt road up the hill. This hike is around 4.15 kilometres long and takes about 45 minutes from the start point and back to start. There are paths …