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Remote places to take a bike ride
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Gjerdalen in Sørfold municipality
Location: Sørfold
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This trip goes to beautiful Gjerdalen in Sørfold municipality. You can either just drive up to the end of the road and enjoy the amazing nature along the way, or bike for a better nature experience. Along the way there are lots of places to stop and explore what Gjerdalen have to offer. The road up Gjerdalen valley is open between 15. July and 15. October and goes around 17 kilometres in. Driving a car …

The old road towards Misvær

This bike trip follows the old road towards Misvær along the seashore of Misværfjorden. The start point of this trip is the big parking lot at the intersection where you turn off towards Skjerstad. From here you bike across the bridge and take a right turn and follow the road past some houses and cabins, eventually you come to the old road beneath the mountains that is no longer in use. This road is hammered …

Nordfjordelva River in Sørfold
Location: Sørfold
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This biking trip starts at the parking lot by the intersection to Nordfjord at E6 in Sørfold municipality. From here you bike up the road, continue through the tunnel and follow the road until the end. The beautiful river Nordfjordelva follows the road most of the way, so here you will find plenty of nice places to take a break, have a picnic and enjoy the gorgeous nature Sørfold municipality have to offer. The distance …

Valnesfjord in Fauske municipality

This nice bike trip starts at a parking lot by the road Bringsliveien and goes to Hola in the upper parts of Valnesfjord, wich lies in Fauske municipality. The distance from this start point to the endpoint is around 5 kilometres, but you can make this trip longer by parking anywhere further away. After you have turned off the main road Riksvei 80 there are parking spots here and there along the way. During this …

Straumvatnet Lake in Sørfold

This bike trip starts at Straumen in Sørfold municipality and follows the road Straumvassveien along Straumvatnet lake to the end of the road. The endpoint of this bike trip is the old power station at the inner part of the lake, here you get a nice view of the lake, as well as the mountains surrounding it. This route is around 7.69 kilometres from the start point to the end point, wich takes about 35 …