Top of Durmålstinden mountain in Sørfold

Video of Durmålstinden in Sørfold municipality in Norway. From the top, you get a nice view to Straumvatnet lake and Sisotinden mountain
Durmålstinden mountain in Sørfold
Keiservarden in Bodø

Hike to Keiservarden in Bodø

The hike to Keiservarden starts at the big parking lot below Turisthytta in Bodø. From here you walk the dirt road up the forest and follow the path

Small lakes below Mjønesskaret

Small lakes below Mjønesskaret

This hike starts at the end of Vatnveien road and goes up to some small lakes below Mjønesskaret, between Blombakkfjellet and Mjønesfjellet