Hiking guide for Bodø and Salten in Norway

There are countless of beautiful routes to go hiking at in Bodø and the rest of the Salten region in Northern Norway, from the coastline to the top of high mountains. Enjoy the beautiful Norwegian nature while mountain hiking, taking a stroll along the coastline or hiking in the forest, among many other things. On this site you will find everything you need to get your hiking started, even if you have never been in the area before. All hikes and trips contains detailed descriptions, pictures, videos, and maps to help you reach both the start point and end point for the hikes. Stay updated on new hike routes and Northern Norwegian nature pictures and videos by following Arctic Hikes on the social sites below

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Kayaking around Valnesvatnet lake

Finnesfjellet mountain in Gildeskål

Indre Lurfjellvatnet on Beiarfjellet

Fykantrappa up to Rallarbrakka

Durmålstinden mountain in Sørfold

Hiking to Storvarden on Sandfjellet

Car trip to Ramskjell in Beiarn

Small lakes below Mjønesskaret

Seashore hiking on Straumøya

Kayak trip around Vågøya in Bodø

Mountain hike to Mjønesfjellet

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Bodø: Towards city

Bodø Weather Camera

Bodø: Tverlandsbrua

Vikan Weather Camera

Fauske: Nordvika

Valnesfjorden Weather Camera

Fauske: Tussvika

Fauske Weather Camera

Saltdal: Røkland

Saltdal Weather Camera

Bodø: Saltstraumen

Saltstraumen Weather Camera

Bodø: Åseli bridge

Åseli Weather Camera

Bodø: Hogndalen

Hogndalen Weather Camera

Gildeskål: Sandhornøya

Sandhornøya Weather Camera

Beiarn: Beiarfjellet

Beiarn Mountain Weather Camera

Gildeskål: Torsvika

Ørnes Weather Camera

Saltdal: Graddis

Graddis Weather Camera

Saltdal: Saltfjellet

Saltfjellet Weather Camera

Bodø: Ljøsenhammern

Ljøsenhammeren Weather Camera

Gildeskål: Åsgotsletta

Åsgotsletta Weather Camera

Glomfjord: Mountain

Glomfjord Weather Camera

Steigen: Engeløya

Steigen Weather Camera

Sørfold: Kvarv

Kvarv Weather Camera

Sørfold: Kobbskaret

Kobbskarmoen Weather Camera

Hamarøy: Kråkmo

Kråkmofjellet Weather Camera

Hamarøy: Bognes

Hamarøy Weather Camera