There are numerous places to go hiking in Bodø and the rest of the Salten district in Northern Norway. Arctic Hikes gets you started with everything you need, from getting to the parking lot by the start point and all the way to the endpoint. Every hike and trip has maps, pictures, videos, and explanations for every step of the way. Prior knowledge about the area is not required to embark on these routes. 9 different categories packed with beautiful destinations taking you through Arctic nature, going high and low, short and far. Subscribe to the social media sites below and stay updated on new hiking routes

Arctic Hikes
Arctic Hikes
Arctic Hikes
Ingeborgfossen in Saltdal

Ingeborgfossen waterfall in Saltdal

This hike starts by a parking lot at the inner part of Botvatnet in Saltdal. From here you follow the path to a vantage point next to Ingeborgfossen

Evjenrunden hiking route

Nattmålstuva by Evjenrunden

The circle forest hike Evjenrunden starts by the water tower near Evjen, from here you hike up to Nattmålstuva, before continuing back to start

Forest hike at Evjen

Forest hike at Evjen in Bodø

Nice little forest hike that goes in a circle at Evjen in Bodø. The total distance of the route is around 3.25 kilometers, with an easy terrain all the way

Bestefarvarden in Bodø

Hike to Bestefarvarden in Bodø

This is a nice little hike located just outside the city center of Bodø. The distance from the start point to the endpoint at Bestefarvarden is 1 km

Valnesvatnet lake in Bodø

Kayaking around Valnesvatnet lake

This kayak trip follows the shore around beautiful Valnesvatnet lake in Bodø. The distance around the lake ended at 16.5 km, taking about 4 hours

Hike to Fykantrappa and Rallarbrakka

Fykantrappa up to Rallarbrakka

The Fykan stairs consist of 1129 steps going 300 meters up the mountainside. Here you can see what the trip looked like before it closed

Ramskjell in Beiarn municipality

Car trip to Ramskjell in Beiarn

This trip goes by car to beautiful Ramskjell in Beiarn municipality. Park up at Ramskjellvatnet and explore the area on foot, or have a picnic

Small lakes below Mjønesskaret

Small lakes below Mjønesskaret

This hike starts at the end of Vatnveien road and goes up to some small lakes below Mjønesskaret, between Blombakkfjellet and Mjønesfjellet

Straumøya in Bodø

Seashore hiking on Straumøya

This seashore hike starts by some boathouses at Straumøya, just across the fjord from Bodø city, and goes to a nice beach 3 kilometers away

Kayaking around Vågøya in Bodø

Kayak trip around Vågøya in Bodø

This kayak trip starts at Skjelstadsundet outside Bodø city and goes around the beautiful island of Vågøya. The distance ends up at a bit over 10 km

Arctic Hikes

Bodø: Towards city

Bodø Weather Camera

Bodø: Tverlandsbrua

Vikan Weather Camera

Fauske: Nordvika

Valnesfjorden Weather Camera

Fauske: Tussvika

Fauske Weather Camera

Saltdal: Røkland

Saltdal Weather Camera

Bodø: Saltstraumen

Saltstraumen Weather Camera

Bodø: Åseli bridge

Åseli Weather Camera

Bodø: Hogndalen

Hogndalen Weather Camera

Gildeskål: Sandhornøya

Sandhornøya Weather Camera

Beiarn: Beiarfjellet

Beiarn Mountain Weather Camera

Gildeskål: Torsvika

Ørnes Weather Camera

Saltdal: Graddis

Graddis Weather Camera

Saltdal: Saltfjellet

Saltfjellet Weather Camera

Bodø: Ljøsenhammer

Ljøsenhammeren Weather Camera

Gildeskål: Åsgotsletta

Åsgotsletta Weather Camera

Glomfjord: Fykan

Glomfjord Værkamera

Steigen: Engeløya

Steigen Weather Camera

Sørfold: Kvarv

Kvarv Weather Camera

Sørfold: Kobbskaret

Kobbskarmoen Weather Camera

Hamarøy: Kråkmo

Kråkmofjellet Weather Camera

Hamarøy: Bognes

Hamarøy Weather Camera
Arctic Hikes
Relaxing summer forest nature sounds

Sounds from the summer forest

Sound of birds singing in the green forest on a sunny summer day, accompanied by the sound of a river making its way down towards the sea

Static white noise for sleep

White noise from a river flowing

Calm down your body and mind and fall asleep faster at night with the static white noise from a river flowing in the green forest on a summer day

Soothing sound of a babbling brook

Sound of a babbling brook

Calm down and relax with the soothing sound of a babbling brook flowing in the green summer forest. Perfect to use as sleep sounds at night

River in the summer forest

White noise from a waterfall

Relaxing nature sounds for sleep with the sound of a clear shallow river flowing in the green summer forest on a nice and sunny day

White noise from a waterfall

White noise from a waterfall

White noise from a white waterfall flowing down a barren rocky landscape on a summer day in Norway. Great static sounds for falling asleep

Babbling brook sounds

Sound of a gentle stream

Relaxing sounds of a babbling brook for sleep and relaxation. Calm down your body and mind with the sound of a gentle stream in the forest

Waterfall white noise for sleep

Waterfall in the green forest

Summer forest landscape with white noise from a roaring waterfall in the background, rushing down a steep ravine while making a white noise

White noise from a waterfall

White noise from a waterfall

Roaring sound of a waterfall rushing down the rocky landscape deep in the Norwegian forest. Fall asleep faster and sleep deeper at night